Exercises for Daily Attitude Adjustment

1. Evaluate your current attitude: Reflect on how people react to you. Do they greet you with smiles and positivity, or do you often encounter negativity? This can reveal insights into your prevailing attitude.

2. Develop an attitude of service: Before starting your day, ask yourself, “How can I increase my service today?” Look for opportunities to create value for others through your work and interactions.

3. Practice gratitude: Each morning, wake up with a sense of gratitude for the gift of life and the opportunities before you. Expect the best possible outcomes as you pursue your worthy goals.

4. Treat everyone with importance: Make a habit of treating every person you meet as the most important person on earth. This builds self-esteem in others and reinforces your own positive attitude.

5. Learn from great attitudes: Identify people in your circles (family, community, workplace) who possess admirable attitudes that you wish to emulate. Study how they approach life and interact with others.

6. Protect your attitude: When faced with someone’s poor attitude, do not allow it to infect your own mindset. Rise above it with a smile and maintain your poise and positivity.