Use Social Media to Promote Your Blog

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 Social media…everyone is doing it! Now blog about it. Some people spend their leisure time writing content for blogs on various topics. Whether a blog is about business, technology or random every day happenings, there should be benefits that accrue from your blogging efforts.

However, most people do not appreciate social networking strategies as an effective way of promoting their blogs. Some do not quite understand the huge role social media plays in promoting their blogs. For instance, sharing your blog on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or even Google+ could make all the difference and increase your blog rankings. Most online marketers and bloggers will agree to the fact that promoting your business on social sites is worth the social media plan. How can you use social networking sites to promote your business?

Intriguing Titles

A good title conveys useful information that excites the targeted audience. In some situations, a little change of style and tone of the post title may get more exposure. When uploading content to their site, bloggers understand that the information might also be listed in another bloggers’ site. Therefore, a creative title may save the reader the trouble of scheming through several sites. Most readers subscribe to several blogs in their niche. With all this crowded information, the title must be catchy and engaging. The most engaging moment is when bloggers are in their starting stages since most people are not familiar with their content.

Social Media Images

Social media is about big and colorful images. If your blog does not have a captivating and unique opening image, then it might not attract the expected audience. To enhance the design of good images, you can use various blogging tools such as Canva and PicMonkey. I personally used Canva for my header, I hope you like it. These tools are key ingredients in presenting vivid images. There are also free tools to create info-graphics. Intriguing images attract the attention of people browsing through social media. Friends in social sites will easily share or comment on the post as a way of showing support.

Integrating Social Media with the Blog

Bridging the gap between your content and social media is the main reason you should integrate social networking sites with your blog. People who access social sites need an easy way to connect with the blog and share content through social media elements. These elements could be simple buttons that help readers to directly join social media platforms such as Facebook. There are many social media plugins that you can use on your blog. By simply clicking on the button, the content is shared on social sites. There should also be an orderly way of sharing content on social media. Bloggers should avoid overcrowding social media buttons and also posting unnecessary content as this sometimes puts readers off.

Consistently Post Updates

Posting content on your blog should be consistent and frequent. Using scheduling tools such as Hootsuite can help you to be updated. Most people who visit social media sites do not like lengthy content. They prefer short captivating stories that are updated frequently. Some social media sites allow bloggers to upload a whole blog post. At the end of the post, you can leave a link to your blog. This will get people to constantly visit your blog. The advantage of posting the whole post is that readers will not need to be redirected to the main site.

Creating Relationships with Other Bloggers

It is important to keep yourself updated with what other bloggers are doing. Some social networking apps can be helpful in creating relationships with bloggers who post information in the same niche. Knowledge of top performing bloggers will help you post content which is up to standard. Therefore, bloggers need to post content that is relevant so that readers can form a habit of visiting their site. Don’t what to blog about, need blogging tools or you want to make more money blogging? Just watch the video below…Here’s to your blogging success!!

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