3 Simple Words to Know for Successful Business Growth

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Do you know what you need for successful business growth? It’s ok to build your business gradually, a step here and a step there. But it’s so much better, faster and just plain more FUN to build your business faster. You will have a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Here you’ll find 3 simple words you need to know for successful business growth. Forget taking the long, slow stressful route and resolve to achieve a quantum leap, or true metamorphosis in your business.

Outsourcing for Successful Business Growth

There are many tasks that an online marketer needs to perform. The faster those tasks are completed, the more profitable your business will be. Struggling internet marketers who are trying to balance administrative duties, product creation, social media, customer service, formatting and uploading books to Kindle, writing blog posts, setting up JV’s, recruiting affiliates, writing emails, setting up autoresponders, doing research, writing sales copy, answering emails, forum posting and all their many other marketing tasks might be better off doing less, not more. How can you keep uo with all those tasks?

If you’ve ever been on a ship, you probably noticed the captain doesn’t cook the meals or swab the deck. Nor does he maintain the engines, hoist the sails, plot the navigation or the other 101 duties that are done aboard a ship. Rather, he is the pilot of the entire operation. The piot instructs everyone else on what to do. Be the pilot of your online business.

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Perhaps it’s time you think of yourself as the pilot of your own business. Do those tasks which you are extremely good at, and outsource the rest to professionals who excel in those areas. You will not only get far more done, but odds are the work will be completed faster in a more professional manner. And when you can quadruple your efforts by adding a few part time outsourcers, you can also quadruple your results and your profits.

Don’t kid yourself , you cannot do it all and make the kind of money you want. As soon as you can afford to, start outsourcing. It’s not only one of the most profitable things you can do, it also gets you away from the tedious taks. You will be able to see the big picture so you can better navigate the waters of your business.

Make Videos for Successful Business Growth

If you want your content to be seen and shared make videos. If you want it to make a lasting impression on your prospects, then just blogging isn’t good enough anymore. Let’s do a test: Tell me everything you can about the person who wrote the blog post you read yesterday. Drawing a blank? Now tell me everything you can about a video you saw yesterday. Different story, right?

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What if someone calls you on the phone to sell you something you’re interested in, versus someone that shows up at your door. Which one are you more likely to buy from? Assuming you’re not freaked out that a salesman appeared out of nowhere. If that salesman has a product that adequately fits your needs, you’re going to buy from him, not the faceless person on the phone.

Obviously, you can’t visit your prospects in person, but you can do something almost as good; make a video. People remember video over the written word because it engages more of the senses. If you only blog or write article, you’re simply not going to make nearly the same level of connection that you can do with video.

You might be afraid to get in front of the camera. Learn how to overcome your Fear of Making Videos. You can start out with slideshow videos, animated videos or screencast videos. Then move up to videos of yourself because this is the real pay off. This is where people start to feel like they can really connect with you and they KNOW you. Remember, content is more important than quality. You don’t have to be the next Steven Spielberg to make this work. Just be authentic with something to say that people want to hear.

Upsell for Successful Business Growth

You should have an upsell offer every time you sell a product or service. This will will invariably increase your bottom line. Internet marketers have added hundreds of thousands of dollars to their sales funnels by simply incorporating these three words “always be upselling” into every sales system they create.

Every single time you sell anything, offer an upsell or downsell sequence because it can turn your original $47 sale into a $300 sale or more, simply by offering the customer additional options.

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Offer something that is complimentary to the original offer. It might make the original offer easier or faster to implement. You can go into more depth, offer more options, or even perform a service for them. It could be coaching, an additional information product, software, a membership program or anything else that helps the customer to achieve the result they want.

What if you don’t have a product or service to offer as an upsell? Then find an appropriate affiliate product that matches your original offer. Here’s a secret: When a customer turns down an upsell, they are typically more open to buying a lower cost (downsell) product. It’s almost as though the higher ticket item warms them up to the downsell offer. This is why car dealers and real estate brokers like to show cars and properties that are too expensive for the client. Once they show the client something more affordable, the client is more likely to make an offer than if they’d been shown the lower cost model in the first place.

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