Guest Blogging: 4 Things You Must Do Before Offering to Write a Guest Blog

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Guest blogging on an authoritative blog is a great way to get your name out in front of an audience that already has an interest in your niche.

But before you create your first guest blog, you need to put spend some time with Research and Development (R&D). The more information you can collect before your guest blog creation process begins, the more value your guest blogs will have for your readers and the easier they will be to produce.

The niche you work with is determined by the type of products or services you promote. Most Internet marketers have multiple niches or multiple sources of income. This provides them with the flexibility to maintain multiple marketing platforms simultaneously.

Within the niche you choose, there are going to be leading bloggers who are already established and have a loyal following of devoted readers.

Guest Blogging #1: Find Authoritative Guest Blog Host

Identify the best blogging sites for your guest blog by searching for blogs with a lot of:

  • Subscribers
  • Page views
  • Niche-relevant comments
  • Social approval signals such as Facebook “Likes”, re-Tweets and Google+ +1’s

Look especially for high profile bloggers with reputations as being authorities or experts in their niche. Guest posts on these blogs will provide backlinks to your web pages that will cause the Google search engine to rank your pages higher on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for your niche keywords.

Check to see if targeted host bloggers have any guest blogging guidelines that prohibit submissions or apply limitations on the type of content you can include.

Guest Blogging #2: Guest Blog Host Research

If you are satisfied that the blogger can give you access to a large pool of high-target prospective customers, the next step is to familiarize yourself with their blog content.

You don’t have to spend too much time reading through every blog they’ve ever written. A sampling of their most popular blog posts will be enough to get a feel for their writing style.

Check to see if they archive their blogs according to category and make note of the category keywords they write about most frequently.

Guest Blogging#3: Identify a Content Vacuum

Then try to identify a few topics within your niche that they have not written about before, have not covered fully or where there is an obvious need for more content development. If you are familiar with your niche, these topics will become quite evident.

Topics that have not been fully developed by your target blog host will become the focus for your guest blogs. You can improve your chances of having your guest blog offers accepted if you can offer your target host blog’s readers interesting, high-value content that they can use and that the host blogger has not fully explored.

In many cases, bloggers within your niche have avoided topics because they are not familiar with them or lack the expertise to write about them authoritatively. This can be helpful to you when approaching them with your guest blogging invitation because you can “sell” them on being able to provide content to their readers that they can’t provide themselves.

Guest Blogging #4: Develop Great Content Ahead of Time

Research the niche-related topics that you identified as not being previously covered by your host blog target in the same way you would research any other subject.

Use online searches to learn more about your topic and then organize it in an outline form. Create general topics then fill these in with sub-topics. Create a framework that drives your reader from start to finish, providing informative, niche-centric content they can use throughout your guest blog.

Getting an established blogger to say “yes” to your offer of a guest blog can only enhance your reputation and improve your online business. If you’d like to have access to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about my done-for-you system.

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    Great post! I will definitely be following your tips 🙂

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    Love your tips on guest blogging especially the one on organising and being focussed on our content. I have only just started to do this on my blogs. Thank you

    • May 11 at 2:10 am

      thank you Michael. Offer something new an exciting and you’re offer is more likely to be accepted 😉

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    Very helpful information on guest blogging which allows a person to approach the endeavor in a thoughtful and organized fashion. Thank you Natalia.

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