How to Convert your Facebook Likes into Buyers

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Ok, so you’re running a Facebook Likes campaign. You have an impressive number of Facebook Likes, and social media followers on Instagram and Twitter, but are you converting them into buyers?? Firstly, you have to make sure that you’re consistently active on more than one social media platform to be able to “cast your net” over a wider audience, giving yourself a better chance to Convert your Facebook Likes into buyers.

AdWeek reports that, “91 percent of retail brands use two or more social media channels to communicate with their audience.” Facebook is the most popular to use to grow your audience. This means businesses, like yours, should have a social media strategy the same way because it gives you a bigger opportunity to promote and sell your service.

To help you convert your “Facebook Likes” into loyal paying buyers, here are a few things you should consider:

Chat with Your Facebook Likes Using Facebook Messenger

Use Facebook Messenger to talk to everyone who has liked your Facebook Page and invite everyone that has liked one of your Facebook page posts to like your Facebook Page. It can take a lot of time and effort, but you have an opportunity to make a lot of sales from this very simple and effective method. Take the time to use Facebook Messenger to communicate with your “Facebook Likes” to generate a nice revenue stream.

REMEMBER: Your “Facebook Likes” are your leads…

Ask the Right Questions

Make sure you ask the right questions to build a rapport with your “Facebook Likes”. This will convince them that you’re actually a “real person” behind the success story. You can also answer their concerns and questions directly and gradually sell them your products and services.

Identify the Type of Lead

Before you chat with your “Facebook Likes” on Facebook Messenger, take note of the two different types of “Likes” you’ll be communicating with:

Targeted Facebook Likes: individuals who have already engaged with you or purchased a front-end offer.

New Facebook Likes: those who are curious about what you have to offer.

Targeted Facebook Likes are easier to engage with than new Facebook Likes since they’re familiar with your service and are probably looking to buy from you. Using the right amount of tact, you can easily convert those Facebook likes into buyers.

New Facebook Likes are often just curious about your business and require a lot more work to convert. Make sure that you convince them by probing their needs and delivering the best information to intensify their interest.

Ask the Right Questions

To maintain credibility and increase conversions, make sure you’re asking the right questions. Never ask for information from your Facebook Likes, like, “How do you do this?”

You should be the all-knowing guru that your “Facebook Likes” want to learn from, not teach. Your questions should imply that you’re trying to help them or share your expertise. For example, you could ask, “Do you want to know how to do___?” And then proceed to explain.

The more your “Facebook Likes” feel like they can learn from you, the more they’ll be convinced to buy from you.

Post to Your Facebook Page Daily

Keep reminding your fans of your presence each day. Post new content to your Facebook Page so that they know you are active and that you’re always improving your service.

It’s essentially a matter of grabbing“Facebook Likes” attention and getting them interested in your product or services. Add content that will entice them to buy more products or boost their loyalty.

Post Inspirational Photos

Use Instagram, the premier photo-sharing app to cross-post to your Facebook Page. Instagram is a great platform to showcase the benefits of your business to your “Facebook Likes” and it will increase engagement on your Facebook Page. You could upload relevant and inspiring photos about being financially free and living the Laptop Lifestyle.

ow to convert your Facebook likes into buyersFor instance, if you’re trying to sell a product or service that promotes a better lifestyle and financial freedom for those who avail it, you should reinforce those claims through pictures or short videos.

Inspired “Facebook Likes” can be more convinced to take advantage of your offers if they see how good it is to be in the same shoes as you. Also, to highlight your expertise and experience, you can upload pictures of past industry events or seminars you’ve attended. This will reassure your leads that they’re in good hands.

According to Brand Watch, Instagram content generates over 3.5 billion likes a day with over 80 million photos uploaded daily. And that means the more content you upload, the better you’ll be at reaching qualified leads.

Traveling Laptop Lifestyle


Post Inspirational Messages

Every so often, you should post a quote or statement related to what you’re selling and motivate your customers to purchase your products or services.

those who say it cannot be done should not interupt those doing itFor example, post empowering messages that could educate “Facebook Likes “about how much better it is to receive a higher income after signing up with your company than to remain in a less-rewarding job or lifestyle. You could also use your social media accounts to promote your events or webinars by including dates of upcoming webinars to increase sales.

Create a Clear Path to Conversion

Social Media Examiner makes an excellent point about giving your “Facebook Likes” an easy way to navigate to your products and services so you could convert them into buyers: “It’s important to make sure it is super-easy for potential buyers to buy. We tend to be fairly lazy consumers and if we have to search out how to buy from you, we are less likely to convert.”

Avoid using an info tab on your Facebook page which users must click in order to navigate to your website and figure out how to buy your products or services. Instead, you should create a tab on your Facebook page that enables users to purchase immediately or go to your order page, rather than sending them on a thankless journey.


If you don’t have the time to engage with social media users as much as you should, you could hire an assistant or social media manager to maintain your social media platforms. This will make it easier for you to be more socially active quicker since you won’t have to learn all the platforms and how things work.

When you consistently promote your products, engage with Facebook Likes”, and upload engaging and informative content daily, you should get a significant amount of conversions. You can then leverage your results by knowing what topics connected best with your buyers to get better conversions and more sales.

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